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Custom Springs

Custom springs and spring design examplesIndia Spring Parts’s reputation for superior quality, on-time delivery and on-target pricing of our custom springs is well known throughout the industry. If you can’t find a stock spring that meets your needs, we can fabricate it for you. Just fill out the form below.

Our latest CNC Machines are unparalleled in the market and have the capacity to produce over 35,000 springs per hour, and feature advanced imaging & sorting systems capable of performing 100% inspections on your parts.

Custom Spring Design

We provide spring design services through our Custom Spring Department’s team of highly-experienced engineers, who are recognized in the Aerospace, Medical, Marine, Energy, and Electronic industries. If you have space constraints, cycle life expectancy, corrosion resistance requirements, electrical conductivity, and high/low temperature demands, our custom spring department’s spring design engineering team can help. Call our Custom Spring Department at +86-755-29680755, email us at, or fill out the form below.

Custom spring quotes are typically turned around in 1-2 business days and production lead-time is usually two to four weeks from receipt of an order. We can also inventory a custom-produced spring to meet your needs on either a scheduled or random shipping basis. Please note we charge a min of $500 for the setup plus the cost of labor and material.

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Custom manufacturing from prototype to full production