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316 Compression

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316 Extension

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316 stainless steel springs are low carbon and rust resistant. This makes them particularly well suited to medical, food, and marine applications, though they can be used in any application interchangeably with our regular 302 stainless steel springs. India Spring Parts offers 316 stainless steel compression springs and 316 stainless steel extension springs. All 316 Stainless Steel springs include standard passivation.

316 Stainless Steel raw material is also available for custom built-to-spec applications and all standard 302 Stainless Steel stock springs can be custom ordered in 316 Stainless Steel.

316 stainless steel spring - compression spring

316 Stainless Steel Compression Spring

316 Stainless Steel Compression Spring from India Spring Parts

316 Stainless Steel Extension Spring

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